Telehealth Now Available at Louisville Mindfulness Center


With all of the news surrounding Covid-19 keeping us at home, normal is not what it used to be. However, your therapy sessions don’t have to stop thanks to the benefits of telehealth!

We are happy to announce all of our therapists are able to see clients using a secure, HIPAA compliant, telehealth platform. It’s incredibly easy for the client to use! You can use your smartphone, iPad, or computer.

You just click on the link that your therapist emails you, type in your name, and you are in your therapist’s virtual waiting room. We’re excited to Keep Kentucky Mindful™!

Meet Our Team

Learn about our backgrounds, approaches, and what we do when not working at Louisville Mindfulness Center.

Keep Louisville Mindful®

We’re helping to Keep Louisville Mindful™. Learn what mindfulness is and how it differs from meditation with us!


We specialize in helping people with anger management, change, and their marriages & relationships.

Lets get started

Let’s Get Started

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About the Louisville Mindfulness Center Team

Our mission at Louisville Mindfulness Center is to help you find peace and joy within yourself and your relationships through therapy, coaching, and classes from a mindfulness-based perspective.

We want to make sure you have practical, easy-to-use tools in your toolbox to deal with all of life’s stressors.

Our one-on-one sessions with individuals, couples, kids, teens, and families give you tools tailored to your specific needs. 

Our goal is to help you decrease anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, and fear as well as constant “spinning” thoughts. The coping skills we teach are specifically designed to calm your body and rewire your brain, so you feel at more peace and joy.

Does this sound like something that could be helpful to you? Feel free to schedule your session at your convenience online today!

About Our Approach

If you’ve been to a therapist or two before coming across the Louisville Mindfulness Center website then you know that every therapist is different. If this is your first time looking for a therapist, let me tell you, every therapist is different. It’s plain and simple. If you’ve been to one therapist, you’ve been to one therapist.

At Louisville Mindfulness Center, we are open-minded, supportive, direct and balanced. We incorporate a lot of mindfulness and meditation into our practice and have found that this approach helps to calm and center clients who feel “scattered” or tend to “overthink” things. For us, it is a simple and straight forward approach that does wonders for individuals who are dealing with anger, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

What People Are Saying

“Megan is the real deal! She helped me unpack my stuff. I highly recommend her.”

“Megan is a super, wonderful, sensitive and incredibly intelligent woman. I would recommend her to anyone!”

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