Think The Thoughts You Want To Think

What we give attention to and think about is where our focus resides. Let’s make sure we’re thinking about things we want out of life rather than things we wish we weren’t encountering.

Unsure how to stop thinking about the things you don’t want? Imagine them as leaves in a stream floating by, not harming anything, just not needed. Notice them, then let them continue down stream. By letting them go you’re creating space for the thoughts you do want.

Have you tried this and you still can’t focus on the more positive things you want out of life? Send me an email and we’ll figure it out together. I love helping people get what they want out of life!

Team Mentality

Any time we have an adversarial attitude toward something we give that thing power.  If we are the warrior and we are fighting against something that is currently in power we are admitting we don’t have power but we are trying to get it. But as long as we are battling and fighting we are not in control or have power and just keep feeding a viscous cycle that rarely ends.

What if instead we looked at things from more of a team or troupe mentality.  On a team you have all levels of players and you’re in this thing together. You may not really know everyone on your team or even like some of the participants very much but your are still a team. You help support each other and you’re working toward a common goal.
So if you’re facing a situation that seems like a hardship, close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this? What am I supposed to do with this situation?” and keep asking yourself these questions until you get (hear, feel, “just know”) an answer. If you go some time without hearing an answer it might not be that there isn’t one it might just be that you can’t hear it yet.  Slow yourself down, quiet your mind, and be still for a few moments. And listen.  Your answer is there waiting for you. ​
If you just can’t seem to slow down or quiet your mind, email me. I love helping people get to that quiet space where they can listen!​

Allowing Enough Room For All