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Louisville, Thank You!!!

Hello there!! I’m Megan Bayles Bartley and I want to expand on something I posted on social media recently. I have realized over the years that my work and purpose in life are to help people feel better, feel free to live life to the fullest expression of themselves, and be at peace. 

I have been able to do this as a therapist over the past two decades, and now with other therapists for the past five years with Louisville Mindfulness Center. However, we kept hitting a roadblock. First of all, not everyone needs or wants therapy. Fair enough.  Also, as licensed therapists, we can only practice in the states in which we are licensed. That limits us in many ways. Secondly, we have fans and supporters all over the world who love Louisville Mindfulness Center and want us to offer what we are offering more globally. We love the idea of being more accessible to more people. What we offer is bigger than “therapy.” So we’re taking what we’re doing online with “The Mindfulness Center”.

Louisville, I have so much gratitude for you. You have been wonderfully supportive of me and the Louisville Mindfulness Center. You all have been so kind and generous. I appreciate you. You are an inspiration. Thank you!!

With that said, when I named the group practice I started in 2017, “Louisville Mindfulness Center,” I knew what I wanted to create would transcend Louisville, but I also knew that Louisville needed its own thing too. So Louisville Mindfulness Center will remain as it is AND benefit from the wonderful offerings of The Mindfulness Center along with the rest of the world!

During this time of launching “The Mindfulness Center”, we hope you will continue to support us by sharing what we are doing with your friends and family across the U.S. and globally. They can seek support and encouragement through “The Mindfulness Center” through short, straightforward, mind-blowing courses and one-on-one coaching to help them develop more of a Mindfulness Mindset™.

Our thinking, feeling, and behavior are interconnected. When we can shift one, we shift them all. Let’s face it, none of us need more to DO, but what if we could THINK about things from a bit of a different angle… that can shift the whole way you see the world. The Mindfulness Center helps you shift your perspective by just 5% which helps open up more options in your thinking and helps you feel less stuck. Want to learn more? Check out our website: and stay tuned for more…