Celebrating Five Years!

The Louisville Mindfulness Center is five years old!

It’s hard to believe. Even though, in a sense, our organization was decades in the making, built upon years and years of collective experience and shared visions… we still could’ve never guessed how much we could accomplish in a short time!

It’s time to celebrate everything we’ve done, all that’s to come, and most of all, our incredible community: you!

Join us next Wednesday, June 29th, from 4-6 pm at the Louisville Mindfulness Center to commemorate this milestone. Hang out with us, enter to win prizes, hobnob with some VIPS, and grab some cool LMC merch! All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

Hey, some PR attention!💡Read the full press release here.

Setting Boundaries = Regain Your Time and Energy

Many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be our best, most helpful, kind, and caring selves. People like us. They want to spend time with us. What a wonderful feeling! Yet sometimes we may just want and NEED time to ourselves.

When we let our boundaries slide or we feel guilty for saying no, we start to feel burnt out, exhausted, or even apathetic. Question: Are you ready to feel less stressed and anxious? Have you tried things in the past that have worked but need a refresher? Or does it feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Our new self-paced, online courses are a wonderful way to learn and set boundaries that WORK! After twenty-plus years of refining our techniques, we are making our methods more accessible to more people so anybody can live their most optimal life.

Let’s face it, none of us need more to DO. So what if we could THINK a bit differently and that could make all the difference? Our courses help you see new perspectives and shift your thinking just enough that you are able to begin to rewire your brain. Sign. Me. Up!

Here are some questions to ask yourself if it’s time to refresh your skills and abilities on setting excellent boundaries and “The Art of Saying No”:

  • Are you needing to refocus your time and attention less on others and more on yourself?
  • Do you get pulled into helping others when you wish you could say “No”?
  • Do you feel guilty when others need help and you can’t or don’t want to help?
  • Are others encouraging you to set boundaries and reduce the amount you offer your time to others?
  • Are you ready to reclaim your time, your energy, and perhaps even your identity?
  • Are you ready to FEEL MORE ALIVE and excited about life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we have a tried and true solution for you.

Ultimately, we want you to feel lighter, freer, and more empowered.  Let us show you how!

CLICK HERE to find out more about our affordable self-paced online course options.