Shifting Our Shit, Shifting Shit, Shit, Shifting, Podcast, Megan, Bartley, Rob, Giltner

Introducing Our NEW Podcast!!!

Shifting Our Shit, Shifting Shit, Shit, Shifting, Podcast, Megan, Bartley, Rob, Giltner


After years of making guest appearances on podcasts and lots of encouragement from friends and clients to do my own, I have teamed up with one of Louisville Mindfulness Center’s very own therapist extraordinaire (and experienced podcaster), Rob Giltner. We talk candidly about our work with mindfulness and mental and emotional well-being. We also share plenty of our own personal stories so we can shift our shit right along with you!

Why stay Stuck With Sh!t when we can Shift Our Sh!t?!

UPDATE: We are now on SPOTIFY! (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)  and APPLE Podcasts (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN). You will soon be able to find it wherever you normally get your podcasts AND we plan to release the video of our recordings as well! Sign up below to stay updated on new releases!

And thank you. Thank you all for all your encouragement. We couldn’t make this happen without you! <3 – Megan

Napa Valley Retreats, Take 2!!

That’s right! I’m headed back to Napa Valley in January 2023 for my annual retreat and would love to bring a few people along with me!

Who nurtures you, the busy person that you are?

This is a question I ask many of the people I work with. Oftentimes I get blank stares. No one ever asks us that question. And we tend not to ask ourselves that question because we’re avoiding the answer…

This is the chill reset trip you’ve always wanted but perhaps just didn’t have the right people to go with.

Just because this is in Napa Valley, doesn’t mean you have to drink wine or any alcohol! While we will be visiting some wineries, it’s the overall feel of the area and the winery experience that is healing and calming. It expands our thinking when we learn new things and wonderful metaphors abound between how grapes are grown in Napa Valley and who we are as hard-working people! Intrigued? I thought you might be…

There will be some group learning time, reflection time, and lots of self-care, self-compassion, laughter, and lightness. We want this to FUN and LIGHT! 

Also, we want to encourage you to do what’s best for you during this time. If you need to sit something out and do something else to best take care of yourself, we want you to do that!

This is your chance to review the past year and be intentional about the upcoming year.

Let’s look at all that is included in the registration:

  • A Curated Napa Valley “Wine Country” Experience by a native Californian – Megan! (Priceless!)
  • Bohemian-Luxury Resort Accommodations at Indian Springs Calistoga, CA  which feels like the adult “summer camp” you’ve always wanted!
  • (Often) Beautiful Weather – Sunny, Blue Skies, and 60/70 degrees
  • Most Meals – Paleo-ish unless otherwise requested
  • Retreat Workbook/Notebook
  • Group Classes with Megan B. Bartley and her 20+ years of wisdom and experience
  • Casual Bike Ride to Nearby Calistoga Wineries  – Tastings Included!
  • A relaxing day in St. Helena – cute shops, great food, wine, and local OLIVE OIL!!
  • Relaxing “Pool/Spa” Day at the 100 degree spring-fed Olympic-size swimming pool – PURE BLISS!

This year we have TWO options:

Early Bird Registration is OPEN NOW – (CLICK HERE!) through August 26 to help you save several hundred dollars! After August 26, prices go up.

If you want to come but have specific questions, feel free to email me at or log on to a Virtual Meet & Greet via Zoom on Wednesday, August 17 from 3:30-4:15pm. Drop in for a few minutes or come for the whole time.

If you can’t make this retreat, we will likely have retreat notebooks for purchase so you can do a retreat on your own!