Irritability and anger comes in all shapes, sizes, and demonstrations.  Whether you get LOUD and BIG when you feel angry or irritable or you get quiet, withdrawn, and ultimately shut down, there is a lot of feelings and emotions going on that need understanding.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time being irritable and angry over things we have no control over. We end up spinning our wheel, getting nowhere, and feeling exhausted.

Through our research and experience, we understand how you can go from irritable and frustrated to feeling calm and peaceful – a peace that permeates all areas of life and relationships. We want to share this peace with you.

You can let go of the irritability and anger once you understand what is going on inside of you (emotions, bodily sensations, triggers, etc.) and outside of you (others, environment, etc.).  It doesn’t take long to start to “get it”. What can take time is letting go of the resistance to change.​

You may want to change but there may also be a part of you that is resisting change.  Why is this?

Oftentimes this is because the current situation might still be working for you in some ways but there are also other reasons:

  • You could be depressed, too tired, or lacking motivation to change. (Take a quiz here to see if you could be depressed.)
  • You could be anxious or too scared to change. (Take this quiz to see if you’re dealing with anxiety.)

We find resistance incredibly interesting and love helping clients navigate this part of their lives. We have some successful techniques we use to help clients shift away from resistance and embrace change.​

​When it comes to having the best relationships possible, the only person you have to change is yourself.  As you become your best adult self you will begin to notice your relationships change and grow too.

Does this sound like you? Are you needing to make some changes in your life and don’t know where to start?
Perhaps anger management classes would help.

We welcome you to our Tuesday night Weekly Mindfulness and Stress Management Group. We meet every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30pm for these anger management classes. The cost is $25. During the group you will have a chance to ask questions and share your struggles to find new ways to deal with your anger, anxiety, and stress. You will learn specific techniques you can use when you are feeling angry and stressed to help calm you down. We are big fans of having tools in your toolbox to help you when you need them.

Come once to check our anger management classes out or commit to 6 or 8 weeks to shift your current feelings of being stuck where you are to feel more calm, peace, and freedom.

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