Habits That Center Us

I remember the day I came to the mind-shattering conclusion that the right pair of yoga pants wasn’t going to bring me peace. I also remember the day, after a week of grueling busy-ness, I found myself in the little nook between my closet and my bed, taking deep breaths, repeating, “You are going to be okay. You are safe.” And feeling calmer than I’d felt in years.
Many of us aren’t sure how to soothe ourselves as adults. Maybe we learned that anxiety and panic are just a part of daily life. But here’s the thing. They don’t have to be.
Mindfulness therapy takes you on a journey. You get to decide what’s sacred or peace-bringing to you and what is not. You get to play around and build your own toolbox of sacred habits that keep you centered in a world that often feels it is tilting on its axis.
Lately, for me, it’s cuddling up with a movie a few nights a week and being quiet, a pet on each side. Other times, it’s walking through the woods, noticing the feel of winter on my cheeks, the crisp sense of something new being ushered in. Sometimes it’s a patio drink with a friend on a work night when the world tells me I should be asleep.
Staying sane in our world requires us to carve out these nooks and crannies that bring peace. They are not indulgent. They are necessary. And they are our sacred, centering habits. And I invite you on a journey to uncover yours.