Daily Inspiration

I love to be inspired. When I’m inspired it’s like an endorphin rush courses through my veins and I feel amazing. Maybe I’ve been feeling anxiety or sadness or anger and am looking for something that shifts my attention. What I feed grows, so while I give myself a chance to feel my feelings, I also want to choose to feed what feelings I want to grow. Maybe feeling inspired feels so great because inspiration usually happens when I’m least expecting it. It surprises me and catches me “off guard.” Or sometimes I want to be inspired and am waiting for it so my eyes are open looking for it to happen.

Inspiration is not usually something that can be forced. If I sit down at my computer to write something inspiring it’s usually because something has come to me and the I write it down.  When I sit down in fron of a blank page and attempt to “force” inspiration to happen, usually I just get frustrated and annoyed and lack focus.  I can’t force myself to be inspired.

What I can do is put myself in situations or around people who inspire me. I can read inspiring books, go to museums, be in nature and the like and somewhere in there I feel inspiration.

A book that inspires me every time a read it is Melody Beattie’s “Journey to the Heart.” Her words are so loving and caring and encouraging it inspires me to be loving and caring and encouraging of myself. If you are looking for a daily devotional or daily inspiration, I highly recommend it. You can also follow me on social media – Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – under the user name @MindfulMeganB, and see the (almost) daily that inspire me and maybe they are things that will inspire you as well!