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We have seven wonderful therapists here at Louisville Mindfulness Center that all have a similar approach to the practice of therapy.

AND, not only do we serve the Louisville area, we provide therapy virtually throughout all of Kentucky in our attempt to KEEP KENTUCKY MINDFUL™! If you’re in the Georgetown/Lexington area, check out our therapist Bridgette Allen!

We are non-pathologizingWe are not looking for what’s wrong with you, we are looking at all the things that are working for you now, and in the past, so we can look at what will work for you going forward.

We are solution-focused: Instead of being problem-focused, we look at what in life is going well for our clients and build from there.

We encourage small shifts in perspective and mindset as clients are ready for them. We operate from a place of empowering clients to listen to their own inner wisdom and find their strength within, even when they feel like there isn’t any there. When we allow our perspective the opportunity to shift, even just 5% or 10% and we see the positive impact with these small changes, we either realize that that was all that needed to happen, or we are ready to shift another 5% or 10% more.

We are accepting and supportive of your culture, faith-tradition, and spiritual practices. These elements of a person’s life are deeply personal and often very vulnerable topics. We have worked with clients of many cultures and faith-traditions, widely known, and not-so widely known including, but not limited to: Agnosticim, Atheism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and Islamic culture, Judism and Jewish culture, Latter-day Saints, Shamanism, Wicca, and many more. We provide a non-judgemental space where you can feel at ease being sharing these parts of your life.

All of us can get bogged down with stress and difficult situations, that’s how life goes. At Louisville Mindfulness Center, we help our clients develop options and momentum for themselves when they are feeling stuck, to help get them unstuck. We help our clients move beyond black and white thinking to see their “rainbow” of options.

This can be a bit of a different approach for clients who have been in therapy before, and they seem to really like it and respond well to our approach. Our therapists come from a place of compassion and kindness and want to help you uncover whatever it is that is in your best interest. Our clients feel this from their provider and enjoy the process of therapy because of it.

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs page which includes information about Rates, Insurance, and Free Consultations. Or better yet, feel free to schedule a Free 10-Minute Phone Consultation with one of our therapists!

Keith Williams,

Specialties Include:
Childhood/Adolescent Anxiety
Strengthening Family Resilience
Couple/Marital Therapy
Adjustment / Life Transitions

Elizabeth McCormack,

Specialties Include:
Couples & Families
Anxiety/Depression/Complicated Grief
Kentucky & Florida Residents

Ashley Vaden,

Specialties Include:
Anxiety & Neuroplacisity
Couples & Marriage Issues
Teens & Young Professionals
Complex PTSD / Attachement

Rob Giltner,

Specialties Include:
Couples Therapy
Sports Performance

Bridgette Allen,

Specialties Include:
Family and Couple Relationships
Military and First Responders
Anxiety and Depression

Jennifer Komis,

Specialties Include:
Mindfulness Coaching and Stress
Spirituality and Faith
Children and Emotions

Kathryn Petrey, MAMFT Marriage and Family Therapist in Louisville Kentucky

Kathryn Petrey,

Couples and Relational Therapy

Megan Bayles Bartley,

Specialties Include:
Entrepreneurs & Business Executives
Life Optimization – Leveling Up
Mindful Business Development

Meredith Williams, MA

Office Manager

All The Things!!

Lemon Drop, Therapy Dog In-Training

Lemon Drop,
Therapy Dog In-Training

Companion to Megan B. Bartley
Half Labrador, Half Golden Retriever
1 Year Old!!

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We specialize in helping people with anger management, change, and their marriages & relationships.

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