Ashley Vaden, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Do you ever feel like your emotions get the best of you, and find yourself stuck in a ritual of self-sabotage? Are you repeating old, dead patterns in relationships and struggling to feel connected despite your best efforts?

If you’re a parent, do you worry that your teen hasn’t found their voice? Do you want them to believe in themselves more, and access joy even in the little moments? 

We may wake up one day and discover ourselves in a chronic state of emotional unrest, incredibly disoriented and directionless; in addition, we are often unaware of how we landed in our current circumstances and we find ourselves asking “why me?” 

When we spend too much time on the “why,” when we fail to see how our self-sabotage may be functioning to try and protect us, we get stuck. That’s where I come in. Instead of the “why,” we focus on the “now what?” Instead of lamenting on our negative feelings, we turn our minds toward how our emotions are attempting to guide us to important wants and needs. Instead of relying on our feelings or being controlled by them, we re-discover our self-worth and self-compassion, that much more able to conquer our goals and “level up.” 

As a marriage and family therapist, I am passionate about helping adolescents, individuals, and couples put their fear in its place so that they can go about the business of living! I believe in helping people break out of painful emotional ruts and destructive thought patterns that are holding them back. I help individuals discover their own voice, their own boundaries, and improve their communication and connectivity to self and others. Embedded within each of us is the ability to grow and discover our authenticity and power. I am dedicated to helping others along this journey of self-exploration, mastery, and connectivity.

My specialties include:

Anxiety and Neuroplasticity

Nervous System Dysregulation/Emotional Dysregulation

Teens and Young Professionals

Couples and Marital Therapy

Complex PTSD/Attachment 

Self-Directed Healing and Manifestation of Goals

My clients would describe my approach as: 


Warm/Easy to Access 



I believe in a creative, holistic, and solution-focused approach to helping others live full lives; my mission is to teach my clients skills that they can carry with them throughout their journey. I have several years’ clinical experience working with teens, adults, and couples, and feel happiest when I am providing hope and guidance in times of chaos.  Originally from Louisville, I’ve traveled and lived in North Carolina and New York as well as abroad. I love animals, reading, yoga, and listening to podcasts.

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