Cheryl Young, MAMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Cheryl, Young, Chronic, Illness, Ill, MS

  • Are you feeling like you have lost sight of your dreams, passion and purpose?
  • Do you ever wonder why me? And are not sure where to begin to untangle things?
  • Do you get exhausted just thinking about starting a new day?
  • Would you like some help in putting the pieces of your dreams back together in a new way?

In stressful times, like we are living in now, I want you know that you are not alone. Everything has changed, our regular routines have been disrupted, we are in uncharted territory with our personal lives, relationships and the uncertainty of our future.

There was no time to prepare for this, however, I believe now is the best time to sort through what it is you want so you can show up as your best self and use this time to find balance and peace.

 We can navigate through these days together as we move forward through the uncertainty. We will find ourselves on the other side becoming more like the person we would like to see in the mirror each day.

Let’s meet at a time that is convenient for you and in your own space through telehealth. We use a secure platform that will ensure your privacy and confidentiality, while we begin the journey of growing stronger, more resilient and more restored through this uncertain time.

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