Cheryl Young, MAMFT, MSCS

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Cheryl, Young, Chronic, Illness, Ill, MS

What are some of the barriers that are keeping you stuck? 

Are you feeling hopeless, frustrated or unsure about your future? 

What brings you Joy? Peace?

We are all straining under the pressure in a world that feels overly tense. Communities and relationships are fragmented and many individuals feel alienated and alone in these messy times we are experiencing. 

Whether it is a relational issue, a new or existing medical diagnosis or the beginning of a new life stage – we can work on acceptance and together find peace and joy once again.

I will engage with you and focus on what your hopes are for our time together, I am solution focused and build on your strengths allowing you to move forward with confidence towards your goal.

One area of focus for me is working with individuals and family members that have been impacted with a diagnosis of chronic or terminal illness. While a new medical diagnosis often disrupts relationships and plans for the future – I have witnessed many clients realign their perspective and find new pathways to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Let’s get together and begin to unravel some of the knots that are holding you back from living your best life.

I am glad you are here – and look forward to beginning your journey towards living into your whole and authentic self. 

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