Jennifer Komis, MAMFT, MDIV

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

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Are you like me and trying to adapt and find your “new normal”? You are not alone. This is a stressful time for many and a time when new options for therapeutic support are much needed. I offer teletherapy services via a simple online platform. Teletherapy allows us to meet face-to-face online, and don’t worry, telehealth therapy is shown to be an effective way to address the vast majority of psychological and relational concerns.

I am a marriage and family therapist who specializes in using mindfulness-based therapy to help diminish anxiety and depression, and support a life that brings you joy. I also work closely with children and families in helping children emotionally process challenges and difficult life transitions. Working with those for whom faith and spirituality are important is also a passion of mine. Whether your faith supported you, harmed you, or both, those conversations are welcome in my virtual office.

In our sessions, I’ll emphatically listen to your story and the concerns you bring. As a team, we’ll consider the options always before you. We’ll work to balance the stress and challenges life brings with the space to nurture the self and relationships, and find calm. We’ll learn practical exercises that soothe the mind, body, and spirit.

My passion as a marriage and family therapist is helping you know that new ways of solving problems and healing are countless, and that hope is always available to you, however dismal life may seem. My clients describe me as authentic, down-to-earth, non-judgmental, and real.

Additional specialties include: Support for those with Lyme disease and other chronic health conditions, support for those grieving a pet, support and affirmation for LGBTQ community members.

I welcome you to email me any questions you have or sign up for a free phone consultation or first telehealth session using the links below.

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