Keith Williams, MAMFT, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Reaching out to make an improvement in your life is a significant decision.  If you are burdened by something that is causing you or your family to suffer, seeking therapy to improve your situation can be a lot like making a decision to exercise in order to improve your health and well being.  In therapy, much like exercise, you push yourself, and this can result in emotional and physical pain.  The lens we look through in this process can often determine success or failure before we even get started.  I look through the lens of therapy as serious work that requires a realistic expectation of immersing oneself in the process.

How do you view your life’s work as an individual, partner, parent, or friend? Work is such an important metaphor and symbol for life itself.  It can be thought of in a myriad of ways, toil and obligation, or art and inspiration.  The stories we are told, and tell about ourselves have profound impact on our life’s work and what we want that legacy to be.  Making meaning of our work can give us a valuable tool to understand not only what our lives have been, but what they can be.  But, it takes work…

There has been no greater gift in my life’s work than to have served as a therapist and director of a child and family crisis center here in Louisville for over 18 years.  The families and individuals that I worked with from all walks of life had real life challenges that rocked them to their core.   These experiences allowed me to cultivate a therapeutic approach and style that have been tested by the most complex of crises.  I approach each person, couple, and family with a deep sense of humility and knowledge of the sacred trust that makes up the fabric of the therapeutic relationship.  I have walked with individuals, couples, and families in some of the darkest and most trying times of their lives.  I believe that there is a unique resiliency in each individual and family that can be strengthened through the work of therapy.

My specialties include:

Strengthening Family Resilience
Couple/Marital Therapy
Premarital Counseling
Teaching & Strengthening Emotional Vocabulary & Expression
Identifying & Extinguishing Cognitive Distortions
Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts

I am a lifelong Louisvillian.  I received my master’s degree from Louisville Seminary and am also a Board Approved supervisor in the state of Kentucky.  I love absurd humor, pulling weeds in my garden, and travel.  My clients would describe me as creative, resolute, and playful.

I accept private pay clients and clients who have Humana commercial insurance.

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