anxietyAre you an over-thinker? Would you consider yourself a perfectionist or a type-A personality? Do you feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel going a 100-miles per hour and not getting anywhere? Do you have trouble relaxing or sleeping? Do you want relief from all this?

I work with many clients who have anxiety and are looking for ways to manage and reduce their anxiety. I wonder if you’re looking into therapy because you’re either on medication and don’t feel like it’s working completely, or you’re looking for alternatives to medication and want to equip yourself with some “tools” in your “toolbox” so you can best manage.

I wonder if you find that you turn your anxiety inward or turn it outward. What I mean by this is that some people turn it inward and become depressed or hyper-critical of themselves (and then can become hyper-critical of others). When we turn it outward often we feel irritable or frustrated and other people see us as angry.

I have seen the gamut of issues and there are usually multiple things at play. Whether you have a bit of an anxious disposition, there was some chaos or anxiety in your family of origin that conditioned you to be anxious, or there is a belief system at play where you’ve made meaning of things that might not really need meaning, we will find a way to help you manage your anxiety.

I am a huge fan of having tools in your toolbox so you can be prepared when your anxiety is at its worse. When we have a game plan of what to do when anxiety hits or understand how to manage a constant anxiety we feel more confident and secure in ourselves which can be a good first step in managing the anxiety.

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