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Megan Bartley Licensed Therapist Mindfulness Practitioner

Kindness – Pay it Forward

This reminder hangs in the kitchenette at my office. 🤩
It was given to me by a dear friend and it reminds me to:
1) be kind, and ✌️
2) pay it forward. 🌿
I had the opportunity this past week to make a difference in someone’s life in an unexpected way without them knowing who did it. I didn’t know this person, I just sensed they could use some kindness. ❤
Then today, I needed some assistance and someone I didn’t know showed me an unexpected kindness that was very helpful. 😍

6 Simple, easy ways to pay kindness forward…🌞

1) Smile.
2) Smile and make eye contact with people. Just because, no reason.
3) Make a point to pause and hold the door a little longer for someone who really needs it.
4) Give someone a compliment…perhaps the checker at the grocery, or the clerk at the convenience store. Tell them you see them.
5) Pay the bill for the person behind you in the drive thru.
6) …. How do you like to pay kindness forward?! 🤔